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Car Trouble? We Can TOW!

When you call us for light duty towing services, we will make sure that we can provide service where you are. Moultry's works quickly to get your vehicle out of the road to keep you safe. We pride ourselves on our immediate response to your towing need! Is the damage keeping you off the road? Moultry's Service Center also has auto repair services! No matter what your auto issues are, Moultry's Service Center has you covered. If you are outside our service area in Pike County, we will help find a service provider who can assist you!

We specialize in towing services, but also offer amazing rates and prices on used tires and wheels. Whether you're stuck and need a tow, or you're looking for quality tires for your car or truck, contact us today.

Fuel Delivery

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Flat Tires

Need Assistance Now?

Serving motorists in and around Pike County, we're here to help!

Keep Safe While You Wait For Towing Service

After we dispatch a tow truck to you, consider the best way to stay safe:

Used Tire And Towing Services!

We offer not only speedy, affordable, and safe towing services, but we also have used tires and wheels available at great rates. No matter if you're stuck on the road, and need a tow or you're looking for used tires for your vehicle, we've got you covered. We're only a phone call away.